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East Coventry Elementary School

Week of September 21st
Thank you to our families who are supporting their children with virtual learning. We are aware that some aspects are going well and other aspects are presenting challenges. Over the course of the next 2 weeks, I will be taking the opportunity to meet with families of all grade-levels to further discuss.

This week, you will see an increase in the opportunities that your child' has to meet in small groups with his or her teacher. The schedules for small group instruction will be included on your child's checklists. Also, as we get to know more about the Accelerate Learning platform, our teachers will be making adjustments to the lessons and activities.

I encourage all families to join the upcoming school board discussions about their re-entry plan to begin bringing students back into the buildings when it is deemed safe. A list of upcoming board meetings can be found on the OJRSD website.

OJRSD Calendar Reminder

There is no school for students Schools on Monday, September 28th.

For the full OJRSD 2020-21 school calendar, please click here.

School Supply Pick-up - Grades 4 and 5

The following information is for families of EC students in both the Blended and Cyber Academy in grades 4 and 5. For any students who are currently attending school in-person, your materials will be given to you this week.

Grades 4 and 5: Families of CYBER AND BLENDED EC students in grades 4 and 5 should plan on coming to school Wednesday, September 23rd between 2-7PM to pick -up their school supplies.

The pick-up is self-service in the gym. Parents pull around the rear of the school and enter through the gym doors. The student materials will be organized by grade, teacher and student name.

In the meantime, your child's teacher will communicate how your child can access the Accelerate materials that are available on-line.

Parent Virtual Learning Sessions - Grades K-3

Families of K-3: Please plan on joining me this Thursday evening for a discussion and information sharing about Accelerate Learning and other related items for virtual learning. After our brief discussion , there will be a chance to ask questions. Mrs. Creswell, EC's Academic Coach will be joining the discussion.

Thursday, September 24th

Grades K and 1: 5-5:30PM

Grades 2 and 3: 5:30-6PM

A link will be sent on Thursday prior to the information sessions. Grades 4-6 will have a similar opportunity the week of September 28th.

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My Child Completed their Accelerate Workbook Pages. Now what?

From our Academic Coach: As our students continue to become more familiar with Accelerate and get further along in the learning modules, they will be asked to complete different assignments. We have been working hard as a staff to find ways to make sure that there are a variety of ways to check for understanding. Students will be asked to share their assignments in several ways. Some examples include: sharing during small group meetings, completing a google form or doc off of their checklist, workbook pages from Accelerate, online quizzes, white board responses, classroom or small group discussions, etc. There will be some instances where there will still be a need to upload assignments to accelerate. Our overall goal is for students to be provided with opportunities to demonstrate their learning and understanding of concepts, without getting lost in the technological procedures of uploads.

Online Assessments Begin This Week

This week, children in grades 1-6 will begin completing a variety of online assessments. Please allow the children to complete the assessments independently. If your child is having technology issues as he or she completes the assessments, please assist. Other than that, we ask that you do not assist your child. Unless we have a true picture of their independent abilities, we cannot plan for support or instruction. Prior to beginning the assessments, your child's teacher will review the assessment purpose and format.

Here are some suggestions to help support your children as they complete their assessments online:

  • Encourage them to simply do their best. If they have a question, encourage them to ask their teacher
  • Unless otherwise instructed to do so, they should not use a calculator or ask a cloud-based voice service like Alexa for assistance.

Thank you for your assistance.

Online Etiquette

An online learning environment presents unique opportunities and challenges for both families and teachers. One of those challenges is to remember that there is a certain etiquette that is expected. We ask that all families review and follow the guidelines below:

  • Please be sure that all family members visible on screen are properly dressed. Students should not be wearing pajamas or other clothing that would not be appropriate for school.
  • It is important to remember that children are watching and listening. Appropriate language of household members is expected as other young children may be able to hear the background conversations.
  • Under no circumstances is it ok to record, post or share a video or picture of a teacher or other children while online.

For other information about Digital Teaching and Learning, please check out the Handbook:

Thank you to everyone's assistance in helping to making the children's online experience safe.

ECPTA - Kindness Challenge

Over the next 3 weeks the EC PTA is putting on a "Kindness Challenge". Teachers and students will be working together to demonstrate examples of being kind to one another.

Start With Hello Week - Week of September 20th

From the Sandy Hook Promise: Loneliness is the overwhelming feeling of being left out and social isolation is not having frequent interactions with friends. Young people who feel this way may pull away from society, struggle with learning and social development, or choose to hurt themselves or others. Due to COVID-19, all students can empathize with the feelings of isolation due to physical and social distancing. Start With Hello is an important social and emotional learning program to reintroduce students to the power of connecting and helping one another.

At EC, we will incorporating several activities related to Start With Hello this week.

Start With Hello Week Highlights
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  • Week of September 20th: Start With Hello Week
  • September 23rd 2-7PM: Grades 4 and 5: Student material pickup (Cyber and Blended Students)
  • September 28th: No School for Staff or Students


  • October 13th: @7:PM: ECPTA Meeting
  • October 27th and 29th: Picture days for Blended and Cyber Students
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