Should cloning any organism be considered??

Background Info

Definition- "An identical copy of a plant or animal, produced from the genetic material of a single organism."


  • cloning gone thousands of years- plants first
  • selective breeding
  • Reproductive~ mammals DNA copied to make embryo with exact same DNA
  • theoretical- use of stem cells for scientific reaserach
Photo below is an example of a selective breed of dog called a cavachon.
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Pros to cloning

  1. aging process could be reversed
  2. cancer could be no longer a threat
  3. cloned organs could supply more transplants
  4. couples who can't have children on their own could have them
  5. disease running in family could be cured
  6. endangered species could suvive

Examples of pros

cons to cloning

  1. lots born have health issues
  2. many misuse/overuse cloning for own purposes
  3. may not be accepted/highly mistreated
  4. lots of lives lost, sacrificed
  5. conflict amoung who gets them, costs, how many they get

examples of cons

  • fake scientists miused cloning to make money
  • Dolly suffered from lung cancer, arthritis

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on this is that cloning in some cases sould be at least considered. Like if cloning could help us save endangered speices or maybe even someday bring back extinct ones by studing the bones. Or bringing a family to those people how can't do it on there own. Finding a cure for your family member's cancer and saving them. It's something worth thinking about.

Learn more

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