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A NEW HAT FOR ME ...but it's vintage

Beginning in the middle of August, I will be wearing a new hat. I have accepted a fourth grade teaching position at Our Lady of Lourdes Regional School . It is a new hat, but it is vintage because, as many of you know, I taught sixth grade in York County some years ago.

I am a graduate of Lourdes and all four of my children attend the school. My teaching partner is a great lady who I've known for quite some time. All of this makes me very excited to step back into full-time teaching. But it is not without a tinge of melancholy.

I will be in the same school as my four kiddos, but I feel as though Kindermusik was my baby too. Thirteen years ago I began this business because I LOVE to teach, and I couldn't imagine leaving my profession completely. Kindermusik gave me the opportunity to teach with my kids in tow. I raised up this business from its infancy to its maturity and along the way I met you.

There are two phrases I said almost weekly in these thirteen years:

  1. "I have the best job ever."
  2. "Kindermusik has the best families."

You will never know how much I truly believe these statements. It has been an honor and a pleasure to have been entrusted to play a role in your child(ren)'s development. It has been a delight and an inspiration to watch such tender and loving parenting and grandparenting along the way.

I will return to the classroom a better teacher because of you. You have given me a keener awareness of the perspectives of families. I will draw strength and patience from our shared experiences.

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All Teachers Love Summer

All teachers love summer - I just might love mine the most of anyone because SUMMERTIME WILL NOW BE KINDERMUSIK TIME! I am already working to ensure that we will have Kindermusik in air conditioned comfort in the summers. It is still too early to finalize the details, but the wheels are in motion. So, next year plan a little time for Kindermusik fun with all of your other summer fun.
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