CSHS Weekly Bulletin

April 11-16, 2016

Keeping It Real...and a Pep Talk

Howdy Cougar Faculty,

This has been a wonderful weekend (in a series of wonderful ones)! Our students have been very successful in events ranging from culinary to floriculture to athletics to fine arts. Among these celebrations, the Lady Cougar Soccer team clinched the Regional Championship title for the second year in a row, and they are headed to the state tournament this week! A full list of all the amazing awards and accolades the Cougars are accumulating this Spring could take up the entire bulletin. In fact, these awards have made announcements a little longer, so thank you for your patience and leadership in giving these students a moment to be bragged on. #cougarpride

I typed up the complete list of activities for the rest of the school year, and they are included at the bottom of the bulletin. We will have much to celebrate as the year winds down! But this is where the "keeping it real" part comes in--looking at the schedule ahead made me feel tired just thinking about it. Happy & excited--yes--but also tired, too. This is perhaps in part to the fact that my baby punkins are not feeling well this weekend (think lots of coughing, snot, and pitifulness). I know many of you have spent much of the weekend finalizing 5th Six Weeks grades and planning amazing lessons in addition to extracurricular responsibilities and family life.

All of this has led me to these reflections:

1. I am thankful for the work each of you does to make our school an amazing place to learn and teach. Schools as incredible as ours do not happen by accident.

2. I may not be the only one who needs a boost into this week, so I am including an "oldie but goodie" from Kid President for those who might need a pep talk.

Whether in the classroom or outside of it, let's go get 'em this week, Cougars!


Kid President's Pep Talk to Teachers and Students!
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May EOC Testing

EOC testing will be May 3 and 4. If you know you will not be on campus either of these days, please let Randi know by Wednesday at noon. Please do not schedule appointments for these days. We'll need everyone's help.

Counselor's Corner

Please announce to your students!

Students will receive their 5th Six Weeks report cards and verification of courses sheet during advocate on Wednesday. They need to CHECK them. If they are requesting a course change for next year, they need to follow the directions at the bottom of the page. See your counselor for questions. Last day for changes is June 10th.

Dual credit candidates for '16-'17 need to have their SAT/ACT scores submitted to Blinn ASAP. The last ACT test date for Blinn is April 9 and the last SAT date is May 7. Late registration for SAT is April 26.

Tryout/Application lists are due to the counseling office by April 20. Please include the year of participation of the student.

Planning Ahead?

This link will take you to the Spring Final Exam Schedule.

Donating to Chrissy's Closet

Chrissy's Closet will begin taking new and gently used clothing and shoes donations on Monday, April 4th in the donation bin located in the front office. This CSISD Clothing Closet will open in August of 2016 and be available to all current CSISD students and employees. Check out the Chrissy's Closet FB page for more information:

https://www.facebook.com/csisdclothingcloset/ ​. ​

Contact Campus Representative Anna McBride if you have any questions!

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Sending Work to ISS

Teachers, when you receive an ISS notification for one of your students, please send work at your earliest convenience for your student to complete. If the student is in ISS for multiple days, please send work for the duration of their ISS consequence.

Also, please know that the amount of work sent down for a normal class period traditionally gets completed quickly because of lack of complete understanding or students finishing it swiftly because they have nothing else to do. Consider adding additional resources (textbook, online video or tutorial) to help fill in any gaps where your classroom instruction would have explained the assignment.

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Student Registration Calendar

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Student Recognition

We'd like to recognize the success of our students on the announcements and social media. Please email Tiffany and Victoria or place an announcement in the box on Tiffany's desk. In order to be included on social media, please either send a picture of students or your organizations logo. Thanks!

Walk Throughs: April 4-22, 2016

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Duty Schedule

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Upcoming Events

4/18 College Prep Night

4/19 UIL Choir Concert

4/19 Lady Cougar Softball vs. Bryan

4/19 Cougar Baseball vs. Huntsville

4/20 Cougar Olympics Spring Sports Recognition

4/21 Honor Graduate Meeting

4/21 SkillsUSA Banquet

4/22-23 UIL Academics Regional Meet @ Magnolia

4/22 Cougar Baseball @ Consol

4/26 Cougar Baseball @ Livingston

4/26 HOSA Banquet

4/27 CSISD Education Foundation Hall of Fame Dinner

5/2-5/13 AP Testing

5/3 EOC Testing: Algebra I & US History

5/4 EOC Testing: Biology

5/5 EOC Make-up Testing

5/9 Cougar Academic Awards

5/10 FFA Banquet

5/14 Prom & After Prom Bash

5/16 End of Year Band Concert

5/17 Orchestra Spring Concert

5/18 CSISD Education Foundation Scholarship Reception

5/19 Senior Celebration

5/20 Choir Grand Finale Concert

5/21 Audio/Video Production Film Festival

5/23-25 State UIL Academic Meet

5/23-5/25 Senior Final Exams

5/25-5/27 9-11 Final Exams

5/26 Graduation Practice

5/26 Senior Sunset Supper

5/27 Last Day of School/End of 6th Six Weeks

5/27 Graduation @ Reed Arena

5/28 Staff Last Day

Are you showing announcements during advocate?

Please make sure you are showing the Daily Announcements each day during Advocate.
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