Caregiver Series: Fill your Tank

Newsletter & Episode 4

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Samaritan Counseling Center Therapist and Distance Learning Mom, Gloria Allhiser joins Michelle and Mary to discuss Caregiver Self Care. The best way for you to help your child is to make sure your gas tank is full.

Watch the video slide by slide or in it's entirety. If you prefer to watch the video in full, you can find it at the bottom of the newsletter!

What is Self Care?

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Caregiver Series: Self Care What & Why

What Drains You?

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Episode 4 Self Care: What Drains You

What Fills & Feeds You?

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Self Care: What Feeds You

Specific Self Care Tips for Distance-Learning Caregivers

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Self Care: Specific to Distance Learning

Caregiver Series Episode 4: Caregiver Self Care Full Video

If you prefer to listen to the entire video in full, please click below!
Caregiver Series: Episode 4, Caregiver Self Care


Meditation Apps

Writing Expectations & Samples

Use these videos, expectations, and writing samples to help you establish realistic expectations for your child.

End of Kindergarten Writing Expectations & Samples

End of First Grade Writing Expectations & Samples

End of Second Grade Writing Expectations & Samples

Math Resources

There are many resources for families regarding the Bridges Math Curriculum. We know that the way we are asking children to do math feels different than the way we learned it. These differences are for good reason--they are based in research on learning and mathematics--but it can often feel uncomfortable to help your child. Use this is a guide but also reach out to the classroom teacher for more grade level specific math resources.
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