Mrs. Brock's Bulletin

Tales from 4th Grade

Here's what's happening...

Wow, have we been busy! This week we have been working on rounding numbers. This is a skill your child worked on last year. However, in fourth grade we round numbers all the way to the MILLIONS place! Whew!

In Writing, we have been working on creating exciting beginnings to narratives. Students are practicing starting their stories with ACTIONS, SOUNDS, DIALOGUE, or even THOUGHTS of a character.

In Reading, we started a book study on James and the Giant Peach! We are studying how to get to know characters in the book by observing character traits (internal and external). We have also begun our Eagle Time Reading Groups. This is a great opportunity for your child to get explicit reading instruction on his/her level in a very small group environment!


Please note...

The class and I decided that one week was just not enough to learn our Wordly Wise vocabulary words well! Soooo, we are going to work on the same list for two weeks. This week we are working on Lesson 2 words. The words and definitions can be found in Blackboard Learn. Your child knows how to access this. I will post the new words the Friday before we begin them so you can get a head start if you'd like! We will work on the practice activities in class over two weeks so students can really grasp the meaning of these words. Please make sure your child is using QUIZLET to practice Wordly Wise. I have showed them all how to find our list and play the games to study. So the list we are working on this week, we will continue to work on next week and our test will be NEXT Friday!

Our Class Calendar...

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Please visit our classroom website to access our class calendar. You can also access this calendar by going to the "calendar" application on your child's computer. Our class website is a great place to make sure you stay connected!