Electromagnetic Waves: Radio Waves

Bryson Ethington

What uses radio waves to work?

Some things that use radio waves to function are:

1. Your radio (Picture to the right)

2. Antennas on old tvs

3. Cellular phones with antennas

4. Some tv remotes

Electromagnetic Spectrum: Radio Waves
This video explains how radio waves work and function.

Link to Video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=al7sFP4C2TY

Frequency and Wavelength Range

Frequency Range- 3x10^11 Hz

Wavelength Range- >1mm

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Radio Wave Spectrum

New Technology Use

There is a new way to measure atmospheric temperature changes uses radio waves and to predict solar and thunder storms. This is possible by measuring the amplitude of the radio waves after they have bounced off the ionosphere, which are measured using the object in the picture to the right. The density of the ionosphere helps to analyze the atmospheric temperature. The materials used to complete this were VLF antennas and processing computers, which was very cheap compared to what they had to pay for to do this before. This can help people today because it can alert people about the climate changes. The date of discovery for this was on August 6th, 2013, and the creators were a group at Tel Aviv University.
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Man With VLF Antenna in Antartica