Viking Voyage

By:Emily Sanders and Ryan Davis

The Destination

We are going to Iceland! Iceland is located northeast of Europe. We have been needing to go one this voyage for a while and haven't had the crew. We would appreciate if you signed up now. We are going on this voyage and battle to get land.

Length of Voyage

Depending on our conditions during sailing, it can take anywhere from 3 days to several weeks, and maybe even a month. We need someone who won't be missing their family back home all the time.

Time of Year

We would leave at the beginning of May. We are leaving now so if it does last about a month we won't be sailing during the harsh conditions.

Necessary traits and weapons of recruits

Necessary traits

  • good battle background
  • good family battle background
  • overall knowledge on the battle
  • in shape
  • injury free
  • intelligent
  • good health

Necessary weapons

  • sword
  • full gear
  • good defense
  • shield
  • knife

Possible rewards

  • part of the loot
  • free land

How to sign up!

To sign up there are 5 easy steps:

  1. go to the main square
  2. there is a paper with a date to go to the coast
  3. on that date, you will go to the coast for your evaluation and training
  4. we will post in the main square our crew 2 month before the trip
  5. there will be a few more training dates before the trip if you are chosen to come