Alan Turing

Alan Turing only lived until 41 and was not famous during his lifetime.

At 13 years old he was sent to a school in Dorset called sherbone, unfortunately sherbone did not encourage Alan Turing so he did research dew to his own motivation.

Alan went to kings coledge with a scholar ship and got a degree in mathematics with destingtion. He was encouraged to carry on science as a young gay 22 he was elected to a fellowship. He was unusually interested in particles and this leaned him more towards mathematics

When Christopher morcome, Alan's best friend suddenly died Alan was convinced that Christopher's mind still lived on, he became interested in the mind and brain.

In 1936 Alan Turing had a paper published it was the foundation of computer science.

Alan Turing thought up and invented what he liked to call a universal machine that could decode and follow and for fill any set of instructions,ten years later his idea became the electronic computer.

After 2 years of developing ideas he returned to Britans