Rail PNR Status

Rail PNR Status simplified the travel

Computers have begun to rule the entire world and hence we can find its traces in the Indian travel media as well. Rail PNR Status is one of the innovative and progressive measures which have been implemented by the Indian Railways. Now it is very simple to get the latest updates regarding the ticket status.

The system is a very user friendly and simple means to check the status of your booking. You do not have to physically visit any booking or enquiry office. Rather, within a matter of a couple of clicks of the mouse you can easily get the updated with your PNR Status from the official website. What exactly is PNR? Well, PNR means Passenger Name Record and a way to verify your booking status online. How does it work? Basically when you book a ticket with the railways the system generates a special code which is unique to each ticket. This ticket is a unique identification number which can be used by the passenger to verify the status of his or her booking. That’s not all; using the PNR number you can also get other relevant travel details such as the departure and the arrival time of the train, the originating station, the number of halts and a lot more. You can also get the seat and compartment details in case of a confirmation.

In other words, by using the PNR Status you will be able to get details of the complete name of the passenger, the gender, the age and the date of intended travel or booking along with the destination and the arrival and departure timings. That’s not all; it also gives you the updates of the booking status and the fare which has been charged for the ticket. With PNR, it is ensured that the credentials of the passengers are not revealed to anyone apart from the person having the PNR number.

This process of digitalization has really taken the Indian railways way ahead and on the road to progress. By clicking on the official website that is www.pnrstatuscheck.info, the users will get to the home page which is incidentally very simple and user friendly. Thus, even a layman will not get intimidated and will be able to navigate through the page with ease and check there IRCTC PNR status.

Well into our 67th year of independence, India is truly on the path of progress and our Indian railways going digital is a good proof of the same. This and a lot more is in store for the passengers as the Indian Railway goes digital and makes traveling easy and simple for the passengers.

To summaries we can safely state that the advancement in technology and its integration into the Indian travel arena is truly commendable and makes traveling a cakewalk for the travelers. That’s not all; all the security issues with Rail PNR Status too have been integrated well which makes the entire system very reliable and this very aspect is what entices the masses to use these provisions.