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Lectionary-Based Playlist /Issue 24/September 13, 2020

The Lord is Kind and Merciful!

The title above is the psalm response for today's Mass and a wonderful reminder that God forgives; we are called to do the same! How can you explore the topic of forgiveness with your family this week? Choose from the menu below to continue exploring the message of this week's Gospel at the dinner table, in the car, or in special time you set aside for faith formation. Each option takes only between 5-20 minutes, so choose what works best for your schedule! Do not be overwhelmed by the options, the goal is not to do it all, it is to choose 1 or a few options that fit your family's style and schedule. A playlist is just a menu of options! We support your role as the primary catechist of your child(ren). Please use The Family Zone as a path to breaking open faith conversations in your home!


The Sunday Readings:

Family Stories:

  • "The Hundred Dresses" by Eleanor Estes
  • "Martha Doesn't Say Sorry" by Samantha Berger
  • "Who Wet My Pants" by Bob Shea
  • "Jake and Lily" by Jerry Spinelli
  • Saintly Solutions to Life's Common Problems by Fr. Joseph Esper
Articles For Parents:

justice- and-reconciliation

Articles For Teens:


  • Write a letter to someone you have had a difficult encounter with. Tell them you are sorry and share your desire to heal your relationship
  • Use this journal prompt: "What would the world be like if people shared more forgiveness with one another?"
  • When you are upset with someone, on social media or in person, write your response down before replying. Take some time with your response. Pray with it; sit with it. You may save some of your relationships if you use writing as a therapeutic tool, and refrain from responding in anger


Have a conversation with one another! Listen to each other's answers to the questions at this link:

Listen to this podcast about the power of forgiveness!



Use the videos below as a springboard for conversation! The fourth video is a reminder of how to participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation if your discussions prompt you to want to participate in the sacrament.

Family Movie Night: I Can Only Imagine This is a story about healing family relationships.

What Is Mercy?
Matthew West - Forgiveness (Live)
Rosa Learns Forgiveness
How to Go to Confession


  • Learn more about the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy by playing this matching game together:
  • The board games SORRY! and TROUBLE! both have to do with taking revenge and sending someone back to the beginning. While fun to play, they offer us a great opportunity to have a conversation about the value of forgiveness, saying I'm sorry and AVOIDING revenge! Have a family game night and allow the conversation during the game to turn to acts of mercy instead of vengeance!



  • How would you feel if you said you were sorry to someone and they didn't forgive you?
  • Why is it hard to forgive people?
  • Why is it hard to say you're sorry sometimes?
  • How does forgiving someone make me feel better?
  • Why do you think forgiving others is proven to be healthier than holding a grudge?

Word of the Week!

ABSOLUTION: An essential part of the Sacrament of Reconciliation in which the priest pardons the sins of the person confessing, in the name of God and the Church.

Office of Evangelization and Catechesis

Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester

Debtor in Possession

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