Peer Leaders

What we have been up to

Hello! We are the peer leaders of Central School!

So far in the school year we have been helping younger students solve their problems. We have also been monitoring their lunch and recess. While doing this we have been playing games and drawing in chalk with them on "Chalk days". We have had so much fun playing with them outside and talking to them, at lunch.

In this newsletter we will show you a few of the things that we have been doing so far in the school year.

Community meetings

We have been performing skits for the school at Community Meetings to demonstrate what we are trying to prevent or what we are going to do to help. Some of the skits that we have done so far are, a skit where someone was left out from an activity with their friends and felt upset. By showing you that, you can see what we are trying to prevent in Peer Leaders. You also may have seen the video where a few Peer Leaders asked some kids in 1st or 2nd grade about what they thought of Peer Leaders, if they have ever been helped, and if if the Peer Leader made them feel better.

Peer Leaders Around Central

Peer Leaders been seen around school doing various task such as 1) making a new "HERE TO PLAY" sign, 2) Creating and Assembling passes for the bathrooms at lunch, and 3) constructing a very creative bulletin board!