Marine Biologist

Rylei Jaramillo


Minimum degree- bachelors which is 4 years in college

For independent research you would need a PhD which is a doctors degree which takes 8 years of college.

The best college's to attend would be somewhere near an ocean.

- Boston University

- University of Miami

- University of San Diego

Interview Questions

1. What do you find the most satisfying part of this field?

-following your interests as a researcher,

2. What type of problems do you encounter during the job?

- A major problem is balancing responsible, teaching time against research time. Also much research is granted, and very competitive.

3. What do you encounter that could be stressful?

- like all science, it is demanding, because productivity has a simple measure in terms of quality of journal papers you produce. I have to say that the potential stress is pulling schedules together.

4. How much time do you actually spend in the water, and outside of the water researching?

- it just depends if you are a researcher and on what you study.

5. Do you use a lot of technology while researching?

- yes, we use alto of technology but it mostly depends on where you work.

Required Skills

Attending seminars on an ongoing basis. Love of nature, oceans , and marine life.

Job Benefits/ Job Drawbacks

Job Benefits

- living by the ocean

- learning about new animals and how they think

- encounters with rare animals

Job Drawbacks

- hurricanes


-getting bit or stung by an animal


Minimum wage- 15,080(1,256 a month)

U.S mean wage- 45,230(3,769 a month)

Marine Biologist- 59,000(5,000 a month)

Least :15,080 Most:59,330

The higher degree you get the more money you can make.

Job Duties/ Types of work

Marine biology is the study of marine organisms, their behaviors and their interactions with the environment. Because there are so many topics one could study within the field, many researchers select a particular interest and specialize in it. Specializations can be based on a particular species, organism, behavior, technique or ecosystem. For example, marine biologists may choose to study a single species of clams, or all clams that are native to a climate or region

- mostly found by oceans

- mostly outside but can take place inside

Marine biologist work 6-8 hours a day or 8-10 it just depends on what you can work.