Political Cartoon Analysis

Torrie Cardenas, Syeda Sahar, and Molly Werts

Cartoon #114

Published on March 3, 1996


Analogy~ The comic is comparing the cigarette company executives to Pinnochio by giving them the growing nose Pinnochio has. By comparing the executives and Pinnochio, the artist that they're lying and have been lying for a long time.

Labels~ The artist clearly labels the cigarette company executives in order to avoid confusion.

Exaggeration~ The artist exaggerated the facial expressions of the executives to show their dismay that corresponds with the title of the cartoon.


The comic is focused on how cigarette company executives are lying to the public about cigarettes and their effect on people's health.


In 1996, there was a lot of public talk and controversy surrounding cigarettes and sales. Many noteworthy people went on public talk shows and discussed cigarettes. FDA also came out with new regulations concerning cigarette sales as well.

Cartoon #51

Published on September 22, 1949


Labels~ The congressman, school building, and factory building use labels to make the cartoon easier to understand.

Irony~ The relationship between the school system and the factory is ironic because congress should be more focused on schools and kids well-being instead of how many factories they can set up.

Exaggeration~ The amount of kids in the school building are exaggerated in order for the author to prove a point.


The political cartoon is focusing on congress's misplaced focus on building more factories and how congress should instead be focused on building more schools.


The Improving Postsecondary Education Data for Students Act was passed in 1949, focussing on the quality of schools instead of the number.

The Sixth Chair, a movie about overcrowded schools, was released.

Local newspapers to the writer (such as the Seattle Times and more) published articles about the overcrowding of schools.

Cartoon #126

Published July 23, 2000


Irony~ the contrasting sentiments of the title and then the signs are ironic and convey opposite meanings to the viewer.

Labels~ the signs are labels and show facts of the United States in comparison to the world. The labels prove the irony listed above.

Symbols~ the American flag is a symbol for the United States' extreme nationalism or even arrogance.


The political cartoon above is drawn to show how America's nationalism and almost arrogance is misleading because of the high statistics in many negative categories for the United States.


Recently, the United States had began to not participate in world events, such as the Hanover trade fair, and many other countries had begun to think the United States believed they were too good for them.