Lowell Mills Girls

8,000 women working by 1840

Who were the Lowell Mills Girls?

Women working in the textile mills from ages of 16 to 35 working in very harsh conditions with long hours and minimal pay.
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Existing Monumnet

Mill Girl Monument, Lowell Cemetery, Lowell, MA

Statue of a working women in the court yard of the Lowell Mill

By 1840 there were 8,000 women working from the ages of 16 to 35. Lowell Mills girls worked in harsh working conditions, unsafe equipment, very low pay with long hours. The statue will be made of solid bronze and stand about 8 ft tall. I chose to put in front of the mill where the women worked because I think that it is a very historical moment and people should know what happened at that mill with women. They deserve to be memorialized because of all of the struggles that the women faced with being the first few to be working even though there struggles and working conditions at the mill was just a small part of what women would face.
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