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Natural Physical Features Definition

Definition- Features on Earth that are not man made

Mount Everest

Ever looking to climb a mountain? Well if you said yes, Mount Everest would be the right place for you to visit! Why should you come visit mount Everest you may ask? Well, because, it is the biggest mountain in the world, it also is home to loads of wild life.You can also see the beautiful scenery and, lastly you could even have the opportunity to climb the mountain.
  • Challenges-If you decide to climb the mountain, you must bring oxygen because there is little to no air at the top,its also very cold and lastly the wildlife is beautiful but it could also be dangerous.
  • Travel Tips-If you hike bring proper equipment,like food,shelter,oxygen tanks and masks,and bring heavy clothes to keep warm.
  • Packing list-Big coats, hats,gloves,boots,food(if you intend to hike,shelter also.),water,and stuff to keep you warm.

Amazon Rainforest

Looking to explore a Rain Forest on your trip to Earth? Well come on down to The Amazon! You should come visit us because there are many opportunities like, seeing loads of wild life,taking a Rain Forest tour,and lastly sightseeing.

  • Challenges-There are loads of wildlife, although they are very beautiful and nice to look at the wildlife could possibly be dangerous.It's also very hot and humid.
  • Travel Tips-Bring lost of drinking water,also,stay with someone at all times because wild life may be a hazard.
  • Packing List-shorts,rain boots,raincoat,t-shirts,water,sun glasses (pack stuff for hot and humid weather).

Amazon River

Want To see A WATER-full attraction? Well if so, read this article. The amazon river would be great place to visit because it has many great things to do like, cruise down the river in a boat, you would also have a great opportunity to see loads of wildlife, such as,sharks,eels,and giant otters!

  • Challenges- The wild animals may be a challenge,its also very hot and humid,and if little children come by the the river take precautions, the river is a very fast moving body of water
  • Travel Tips- Do not swim the animals could be dangerous, such as the sharks and piranhas,Pack clothes to keep cool because its a very hot and humid place, also, if you bring children keep them safe by the river
  • Packing List-shorts,T-shirts,Drinking Water,Bring stuff for hot and humid weather

The Ways Humans Regionalize the Earth

We Regionalize the Earth by which places have a similar or have exactly the same characteristic.

1) Continents we regionalize into continents because, different places want different freedoms and because, Earth was just made this way.

2)Countries, we regionalize by this because,we divide into continents and also because different places want different freedoms.

3)Time zones,we regionalize by this because nobody wants to wake up in complete darkness, some places when its 7am here it's only 4am somewhere else and it would be very dark at 7am.

Suggestions On Places To Visit

There are more beautiful places on Earth than just those three places, so here are some other suggestions on places to go.

You should also visit Niagara falls, not only because its a waterfall, but because,it has beautiful view,You could also have the opportunity to take a waterfall cruise, a trail walk and the Niagara helicopters.

You should also visit The Sahara Desert. Why? Because,of it's scenery, and you can also go on a tour where some one shows you the desert and some other significant features in that area.