By: Megan Li


There are many new animals that are discovered every day, such as the new discovery of Sneakies. People can confuse them as being just a regular worm, but in scientists eyes, there are many differences to the new snake that has different characteristics than the usual snake.


Snakes is classified as an Animalia Phylum, snakes are considered in the Reptilia Class. Squamata is the order of Snakes. Boidea is the family snakes, like Sneaky, live in. Its Genus is Morelia. Snakes species are called Sneakies, but the scientific classification name is O.Paintus. Snakes is part of many other snakes.


Snekaies live in selected habitats. Living in mainly green areas where the thought of hiding is accessibly easy. In green paintings are their favorite. Hence, why Sneakies are green. The food that sneaky eats is mainly paint on paintings. This specific type of snake likes to live in art museums and galleries that are bright green colors in every direction, is its niche. If you happen to have a green painting in your house, you are likely to have a "Sneaky" wiggling around somewhere on it! But careful, you may not see the SNEAKY snake, because of their ability to camouflage.

Sadly, their habitat may not be reliable or too far away, so they sometimes live in other green objects, such as green books.


Sneakies eats paint. Sneakies may not have the option of a painting, so they may go for some other green objects that are nearby, that interest them. All different types of animals have their own preference, such as for Sneakies, the painting depends on if they like the color and how it tastes to their own consent.

Sneakies Life Cycle

Sneakies life cycles are very similar to such as other snakes.

Starting from an egg, that is pretty delicate and not as hard as a birds egg. Now when the egg is ready to hatch, during the teeth of growth in the egg, the Sneaky grew a tooth. Using that tooth, it will knock against it and crack the egg open. Once the egg is open, the tooth will eventually get lost once the Sneaky is born. Sneakies do not need adult supervision, so once they are hatched they leave their mother and survive on their own. Since the snake is still growing at this stage, its skin will break apart and shed. Then once maturity is developed, they go out and try to find a mate. Sneakies usually live an average of 10 years.


Sneakies have adaptations that ca relate to many other snakes, but they are pretty small creatures, so they have an advantage of hiding slightly in the light.

Camouflage- The Sneaky is completely in the color green besides their eyes. They don't have many predators because they have abilities to their advantage.

Sneaky's Grass- Sneakies has little bits to grass stuck to them for addition to camouflage.

Sneaky's Eyes- Sneakies eyes are big and round to allow Sneaky to move during the night in case of emergency.


Sneakies have their way in their habitat. They are interesting and have never been seen by too many people. But look out for them in your painting and when you go to any art place! You never know where they might hide next you in the midst of the green.