Who am I?

Just some information

Who am I? What do I do? What do I want to do for the world?

My name is Jared Sywyk, and I do animation, make games, and loads of other things! What do I do? This can be simple and complicated. As I said before, I make games, do animation, do art and other things, but these are side hobbies. What I really like to do is make 3D models of machines and such that I would like to create. What do I want to do for the world? I want to complete something called the X-25 Cockroach. What this giant hunk of metal and machine is a vehicle essentially made for the military BUT can be modified for civilian purposes such as construction or for shipping very important supplies. The reason it has the name "Cockroach" is because you can continuously damage it and it'll continue to work. The reason? Because it has (at least) 3 extra of everything, and by a flick of a switch, you can deactivate and activate the device. For example, if your engine fails, then you turn that one off, and activate one of the others. This monstrosity is 25 ft. long and 15.4 ft. tall. It'll be made out of scrap iron, glass and such, but what the original design was that it would be made out of Tungsten, but that'll be near impossible with what I have right now.