Advanced Block 1

Making Reading Real!

Today's Learning Targets and Essential Questions

Learning Targets:

I can cite textual evidence to support inferences drawn from the text.

I can determine how a character develops throughout a story.

Essential Question:

How does inferencing help us to become better thinkers?

Station Rotations for 10/5 & 10/6

Station Expectations

- All stations maintain a quiet and efficient work environment

- 20-25 minutes per station

- Mrs. Alford will facilitate and monitor

Station 1: Jakes

Students will...

- Complete 20 minutes of iReady Lessons

Students will be graded on...

-Time, participation, and growth on iReady.

Station 2: E.D.s

Students will...

- Research the background history to the play "The Sound of Music".

- In a KWL, learn about who the Vonn Trapp Family were and compare to the play.


1) Create a KWL chart in your ILAN. Example here.

2) In the K column, write down as many things you KNOW right now about "The Sound of Music".

3) In the W column, write down what you WANT to learn about "The Sound of Music".

4) Go to The Real Von Trapp Family and read about article.

5) Write down at least 5 things you learned from the article you did not know in the L column.

6) Get on iReady when complete.

Students will be graded on...

- The completion of the KWL chart in ILAN.

Station 3: Wolfbanes

Students will...

- be able to use evidence to support inferences.

To do:

1) Complete "The President's Speech to Students" Check-Up.

2) When finished, go on iReady and continue lessons.

Students will be graded on...

-"The President's Speech to Students" multiple choice questions.

Stations 4: Hazels

Students will...

- Finish Butterflies! Turn in at Charging Station in tray.

- Read Ch. 18-19 in Surviving the Applewhites.

- Answer the comprehension questions on goformative

Students will be graded on...

- Comprehension questions answered using logic and evidence from the novel.