Marshall Beautification Project

To raise funds, we are offering a special Membership deal!

We would like to make the Marshall an even better place for our Members!

Picture this: It's 2 in the afternoon and you need a break. You've been working all day, and the emails keep buzzing in. You need to get out of the house to clear your head, but where should you go? You've always wanted to bump up your online blitz rating, so why not call friend and head over to the Marshall Chess Club!

The Marshall Chess Club is a wonderful place to hang out, study chess, and brush shoulders with the greatest players in the country. In addition to nearly 50% discounts on tournament entries and events, Members also get access to the Marshall Library. Wifi is free. (for those emails that can't wait :-)). We have plenty of outlets for laptops. The club is open late. Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are available. And membership costs less than a dollar a day!

So here's the deal. We would like to make the space even nicer for our Members. But we can't do it without your help.

In order to raise funds for beautification and improvement of the Marshall Chess Club building, we are offering a Special Deal: Sign up a friend to become a Marshall Chess Club Member, and get a FREE MONTH extension on your own membership! This offer ends Dec 1.

If you sign up online, be sure to mention the Member that referred you, so we can give them the extension!
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Our recently renovated Patio!

Furniture Donations

If you have any pieces of furniture in good condition, that you would like to donate to the Marshall, please send us photo and description. If you think it would be a good fit for the Marshall, there is a chance we will be able to use it. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accept all donations.

The Marshall can arrange pick up.