Racism in Schools!

Discrimination is a NO NO!

Does Racism Still Occur in Schools?

As a matter in fact, racism still does occur in schools and many students and community members are affected by if. Racism happens when one race thinks they are superior than the other and they want to put them down. I personally think if is very wrong to do especially in a learning environment. Many kids are affected by racism in schools and sometimes it leads to many bad things. I was browsing through the internet when I found an article on a 12 year old boy named Joe Morales. He was a very young boy with high potentials but he was going through a lot. His dad passed away when he was a child and he was living with a single mother who wasn't the most fortunate. It's hard to live on poverty and on too of that all the pressure was on him. He was getting bullied about how his dad died and how his mom was a widow and also about his colour. This boy was a very bright student and had high potentials but this tore him down. He would experience it every day and one day he decided enough was enough and he decided to kill himself. He hung himself in the washroom of his apartment because of the racism and the discrimination that was happening against him. This is a really sad story and I am very against racism in schools. Schools is a place where you come to learn and develop the skills you need for later on in life, not a torture chamber where you come and feel like your living hell. Now I'm going to come down to the point, how can we stop this? We can stop this by taking a stand staying side by side with our peers and to stop all the racism in schools. So come on and take a stand with me and stop racism in schools.

Who does it effect?

Racial abuse in schools effects many people. It also effects the reputation of the school. If ours a really negative image on the school when it's supposed to be a good learning environment. I found that 90/100 kids have expeirnced racism against then at schools no matter if they noticed it or not. Those numbers are are ally high so take a stand with me and stop racism in schools. Schools should be a happy place for student to come and learn, not what they are in this situation. Take a stand and stop racism in schools.


Overall, I am against racism in schools and I hope you are too! Take a stand and stop racial discrimination in schools. Thanks for reading, I hope you learnt something new and until next time, STOP RACISM IN SCHOOL.