I CAN Be An Entrepreneur

Kelly Vasquez

Grade: 12

I believe I have the ability to be a great entrepreneur because I am very passionate about trying new things. I love to challenge myself, I take pride in all of my work, and I always get things done no matter the job. I work extremely well with others because I feel that in order to be a good leader it's crucial to lead by example and be open to new suggestions. As for my communication skills, I am fluent in English and Spanish, and I'm currently learning French. Knowing these three languages allow me to better communicate with a larger number of people.

Entrepreneurship IS appealing to me because...

You have the power to make a difference when you're in charge of a business. A majority of businesses out there are only in it for the money. They don't take advantage of the power they have to make a change. While becoming an entrepreneur is risky, I think the benefits of success are worth that risk. Being able to work your own hours and hire your own employees is great too. Even though at times running your own business can be stressful, there are plenty of ways to help relieve it. A little stress in life isn't all bad. The rush of having to handle a bunch of things at once is what keeps me on my feet. I think it's better than just sitting around all day.

I HAVE many of the characteristics and skills that are essential to entrepreneurs such as...

Based on the entrepreneurship self-assessment I took, my results placed me above average for the following categories:

  • Need for achievement/success

  • Power/control appeal

  • Need for challenges/ambition

  • Self-sufficiency/freedom

  • Perseverance/Determination
  • Perception to act upon one’s destiny
  • Action oriented

These results tie in well with the five essential factors needed to become an entrepreneur. They are passion, social abilities, determination, networking, and knowledge of business and industry. I think that this self-assessment was pretty accurate because the areas in which I fell below average were the areas that I already knew I needed work on.

I CAN have a successful business that...

Hopefully one day I'll be able to own and operate my own restaurant. Being in the kitchen is where I thrive. I love seeing people's faces when they take a bit out of something delicious. Everybody loves food and there are so many different creations you can make to turn simple leftovers into a yummy dish. Yes, working in the kitchen can be hectic, but it's also very rewarding. At the same time, I hope to find ways to make food waste more reusable. Restaurants throw out tons of food everyday. Personally, I would try turning that waste into fertilizer or animal scraps instead of letting it all go to waste. Having a successful restaurant wound also allow me to give back to the community whether it'd be donating extra food to a local food pantry, or opening our doors to those who need a meal. The possibilities are endless when you believe in yourself and your business.