Hepatitis Lab

By: Hayden, Connor, Sebastion

Problem Question: Can Mosquitos Transmit Hepatitis between primates

Hypothesis: If the mosquitos can inject the monkeys than the mosquitos will be able to transmit hepatitis.

IV and DV




  • Plastic Enclosed Container

  • Marking Tags

  • Hazmat Suit

  • Mosquitos(Uninfected)

  • Journal(Notes)

  • Pen/Pencil

  • Microscope

  • Airtight Tank

  • syringe

  • Infected Monkey

  • Testing tray

  • Tank

  • 2 Mosquito Tanks

  • 5 monkey cages

  • camera

  • clock

  • Blood samples of monkeys

  • Tranquilizer

  • airlock doors

  • trees

  • grass

  • Two identical, empty rooms (30 m × 30 m) with air-tight doors and windows, supplied with fresh air and air conditioning

  • 100 identical cages with metal bars spaced 10 cm apart on all sides of the cage (labeled diagram)

  • 100 hepatitis tests (capable of instantly detecting hepatitis)

  • 100 primates (50 are hepatitis negative, 50 are hepatitis positive)

  • 400 female mosquitoes in water, capable of laying viable eggs

  • Grade A primate food (“Monkey Chow”), served daily at your cafeteria

  • Water and feed bowls

  • Fresh water supply
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  1. Put tags on every monkey showing to identify each test subject

  2. Every member in the group needs to put a hazmat suit on.

  3. Take blood from each monkey confirming that it does not have hepatitis.

  4. Take a monkey and put it into the airtight confinement room.

  5. Use sugar to attract the mosquitoes out of the confinement room.

  6. Take the mosquito into the airtight confinement room with the monkey.

  7. Observe your data in your journal.

  8. After the mosquito has injected the monkey wait 7 days until the next step.

  9. Remove the monkey and the mosquito from the airtight confinement room.

  10. Move the mosquito back into its holding tank.

  11. Take blood from the monkey with a syringe.

  12. Take the blood and put it on a testing tray.

  13. Put the testing tray underneath the microscope.

  14. Observe your data in your journal.

  15. Dispose of the monkey after you have observed your data.

  16. Repeat all of the steps above.

  17. With your data that you have observed come to a conclusion.


Our results were incomplete because we did not explain how to sanitize after a test. A new hepatitis case that we did not expect formed. Because of this we felt like we couldn't further investigate just in case we contaminated it again.


Claim: Our tests were not valid because we did not sanitize after our tests

Evidence: Our tests were not valid because we did not sanitize after our tests

Reasoning: We should have sanitized ourselves to confirm that our tests were valid, without sanitization our tests were not positive