Room 3 News

February 25-29, 2013

What's Up This Week!

Language Arts: Unit 4 Week 3 Helping the Community

Vocabulary: agree, argue, accomplish, attempt, goal

Grammar: Capitalization of Proper Nouns

Phonics: words with long o sound

Spelling Words: low, go, no, row, coat, boat, better, buy, change, move

Skill: Retell

Math: Place Value

Science: Property of Matter

The Valentine Celebration was a success. The children had fun and it was so cute to watch them thank each other for the homemade cards. Thank you to Alicia Gaudio and Krista Bonano.

Congratulations to Kassy Day who was awarded our Citizenship Award for the month on Friday, Friday 15th.

Everyother Friday, the class enjoys Jazzercise led by Krista Bonano. A special thank you for doing this for us!

This week the teachers will be scheduling parent teacher conferences for siblings. Conference Week is week of March 11-15th. It doesn't seem possible that this year is flying by!!

We need "emergency snacks" and prizes for the Treasure Box.

I hope you had wonderful week with your child. I was able to squeeze two get-away long weekends in: one to Mammoth to spend time with a niece and one to Palm Springs with friends. It was fun and very relaxing.