The amazing country canada

11-pointed leaf

Canada's flag is a 11-pointed red leaf with a red and white back round, and it means Nation's unity, for it, beyond any doubt.

The Nation

Canada's government type was Parliamentary Democracy, and the president was Justine Trudeau, the currency they used was The Canadian Dollar, they spoke in English and french, they celebrated New years day, Canada day, Labor day, Christmas day, the capital was Ottawa.

Some of the main city's in Canada

The city and people

The population, area, and other things

The area of Canada is 3.855 million miles large, and has a population of 35.16 million people, the life expectancy rate is 81.24 years, and there religion was freedom.

Facts: Canada spans 9,984,670, Canada's motto was 'A Mari Usque ad mare' and it means 'From sea to sea'

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