The Cardinal Way

Sharing and Learning at Southport High School

Leading and Learning:

Are you familiar with activities that are delightful and restorative? It's a powerful combination. Most of us know what we enjoy, but sometimes those activities aren't necessarily restorative. Experiment. Try out some activities that are both enjoyable and restorative. Not sure where to begin?

Ask yourself, “What do I need?” or “Where am I running on the fumes of an empty tank?” If you're part of a family and you sense a collective need ask, “What do we need?”

After living through this first quarter of the school year, does one particular need rise above the others? Are you feeling physically depleted? Spiritually dry? Emotionally empty? Relationally weary or wanting? Don't gloss over this list. Ask yourself these questions. It's an important place to begin.

Then prioritize those needs as much as possible. Some of us are facing overwhelming challenges that have us in over-our-heads. Restorative practices during these intense seasons of life must be sculpted by a level of immense creativity and commitment.

Consider some of the following over the next couple of weeks:

  1. Sleep. Prioritize it. Enjoy it. Feel no guilt.
  2. Do what delights you. Find pleasure in simple things.
  3. Unplug. Put the phone away for a while.
  4. Tag team. If you have small children, two-hour blocks work great.
  5. Cook or don't cook. Maybe a night at home or a night out is what you need.
  6. Get outside. Make it a priority.
  7. Simple, fun traditions were enjoyed with others. Roasting mini-marshmallows with toothpicks over candles. Ice cream and popcorn for Sunday supper. A Sunday stroll.
  8. Enjoy the people you love. Laugh out loud.

Whatever it may be, find some time over the next couple of weeks to make it happen!

Be a Cardinal; Change Lives; Put a Mission into Motion

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Cardinal Recognitions: 🙌🏽

Thank you to:

  • Heather Nguyen for scheduling another food truck this week!
  • The Social Committee for the birthday celebration on Wednesday.
  • Sam Hanley for organizing senior pictures this week.

I appreciate everyone's efforts during the first part of this school year. Fall Break is almost here...enjoy some well-deserved time away!!


Grateful Friday Challenge 🎉

Week 11: Grateful Friday Challenge

Hello Happy Friday!! You can just feel the excitement in the air all over the building...okay, it might be the fluctuation of the temperature outside, but let’s just call it excitement. We’ve worked hard for the first quarter of the school year and now, in a few short hours, we get a chance to relax and recharge!

But… we are not quite there yet. Today, while we are busy trying to wrap up units and tie up loose ends to prepare for a few weeks off, let’s take time to look around and just be thankful for all the good things we have. We have classes that challenge us and students who need us. We have colleagues that support us and often laugh and cry with us as events in our lives transpire.

Today let’s celebrate by showing kindness to those who have stood alongside us for the first quarter of the school year. Today’s #SHSGFC is simple -- BE KIND -- it's not always easy, but it's always important. Perform a random act of kindness today: write a thank you note, share a favorite quote with a colleague and why it means a great deal to you, give someone a compliment, write a poem about someone that usually doesn't get poems written about them, give out a handmade award to a colleague, tell each class period why they are great, or dream up some other way you can think of that will show kindness and make someone's day!

Have a great day, Southport. We will see you in a couple weeks! With banners flying as we go…


180 Days of Learning

Amanda Schepp

Mrs. Schnepp's honors biology students hosted an environmental fair for our pre-schoolers. The biology students visited the preschool to share ways that the students could help protect our environment. The students had to create a short presentation and activity that could be understood and completed by the pre-schoolers. The pre-school students rotated to different groups as they learned more about how they can help the environment.

Jake Harrell

Mr. Harrell's sophomore physical education students are learning about the benefits of jump roping. Students first took time to review how to calculate their target heart rate. The students then read a short article about the benefits of jumping rope. The students discussed specific benefits and then talked in small groups about how each benefit could help them in their personal life.

World Language Department

The World Language Department hosted its annual World Language Honor Soceity induction this week. Students from each language, who met the criteria, where invited for this recognition. Students and their families attended the banquet as the students were recognized for the dedication and commitment to their World Language learning.

Ashley Quinlin

Mrs. Quinlin's Business Management students are talking about risk management and the planning stages of business principles. Students looked at different scenarios and had to come up with suggestions as a group as to how they would plan to address each scenario. The class then debriefed and discussed their thoughts on how to handle each scenario best.


Educational Humor 😁

See you in a couple of weeks! Enjoy Fall Break!
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