Copyright License Types

Copyright: group of rules that are given to a author of work

Public Domain

Not protected by copyright law because the copyright has expired, made using public money or the creator donated the work to a public domain.

Benefits: Avoids piracy lawsuits

Examples: classic literature, music, or art

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Software that is available free of charge

Benefit: They can make the apps and music more expensive so they can produce more money. Although in free apps they can advertise or have everything be an in app purchase that cost a lot.

Examples: Itunes and Safari

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Use it for free but only for a limited time

Benefits: After a free trial someone might want to buy it more

Examples: Lite apps and free trials

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All Rights Reserved

Software that you purchased and users are bound by the License agreement.

Benefits: Creator can control illegal sharing better

Examples: Microsoft word

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Open Cource

When the user can edit the interface

Benefits:When the user can edit the interface

Examples: Google chrome and firefox

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