A White Christmas?!

Christmas Eve the night before Christmas, the hardest night to go to sleep out of the 365 days of the year. I could't sleep so i decided to go on my phone and check all my social media apps, scrolling down looking at every ones perfect white snowy Christmas pictures.

As I was looking out into the dark, still seeing no snow was very depressing. Praying that in the morning there would be some snow here in Florida. Florida, a very sunny state almost all year round, has never had a white Christmas in the history of white Christmas's.

Moving from Idaho to Florida was a very hard transition. Idaho had snow all winter long where here in Florida there isn't any snow throughout the whole year. Florida, by the ocean never gets snow, with no snow what's Christmas, I never wanted to move in the first place, my mom got a better job here in Florida so my whole family moved here.

I don't want a lot for Christmas , maybe one or two things, but the main thing I want for Christmas is snow my favorite thing in the whole entire world. I love the feeling of going outside with my sister and building our annual igloo ( it get's better every year). Ella, my sister, always gives up in the middle of the project. It makes me so mad.

I decided that I should go to sleep. Waking up very early in the morning is not my thing ,but knowing that it's Christmas makes it a lot easier.

5 hours later.... I woke up with Ella in my face screaming "It's Christmas!!!" Gosh how much I hated that, it was so annoying. I walked out to the living room. Looking out the huge window facing the back of the house was a white covered ground! Snow!? Wait... snow!? I thought to myself. Christmas miracles, which really do happen.

Phrases, Clauses, and sentences Used:

1. Compound Sentence

2. Prepositional Phrase

3.Particpial Phrase

4.Appositive Phrase

5. Adjective Clause

6. Adverb Clauses

By: Addy Iannarelli & Delaney Underwood.