Mr. E's Mystery Squad

"You could get Mr. E or a mystery!"

Mr. E's Story

Mr. E was like any other man. He woke up every morning, ate his breakfast and headed off to work at the car manufacturing plant. Mr. E's life was a simple life but a good one.

One night after everyone had left the plant, Mr. E forgot his coat. While making his way through the darkened plant, Mr. E came across a mouse. To avoid sticky situations, Mr. E tried to capture the mouse and chased him into the wheel applicator machine. Little did Mr. E know, the machine was still on. After a few minutes, Mr. E and the mouse were released from the machine with new wheels attached to their hands, feet and paws; thus began Mr. E's Mystery Squad.

Meet the Squad!

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Mr. E's Surprise Birthday Party

Wednesday, June 12th 2013 at 7pm

This is an online event.

Come out to Miss E's Ustream Party and wish Mr. E Happy birthday!
Say "hi" to the squad and have a ball!

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