By: Julia Cappelmann

What are the definitions of each type of Front?

Cold Front- Moves NW to SE and pushes the warm front up

Warm Front- Moves SW to NE it slides above cold air

Stationary Front- Occurs when both cold and warm fronts stop moving and don have enough force to push each other

Occluded Front- a cold front and cooler front push up the warm front as it collides

How is Each Front is formed?

-Cold Fronts form because the cooler dense air wedges under the warmer less dense air and pushes it up.

-Warm Fronts form because it pushes the cold air out and warm air rises

-Stationary fronts form because the cold and warm air mass stop moving and pushes against each other but neither is powerful enough to move each other

-Occluded Fronts form because a cold air mass and cool air mass meet and push up the warm air mass and the other two air masses collide

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