Bill Clinton

Ryan Odom

Childhood Event

Bill's dad died before he was born, so his mom had to move to New Orleans to get complete nursing school. He stayed with his grandparents during this time, and they were the first people that enforced the idea that education was very important.

Leadership qualities

Clinton shows some leadership qualities, including perseverance, responsibility, and cooperation. He shows perseverance when he lost the election as governer, but did not give up and ran again. Responsibility was shown when he corrected his mistakes he made and owned up to them. He also showed cooperation when he was working with the opposite party.

Learned During Life and Impact

Clinton learned perseverance during his life. When he lost his election as governor of Arkansas, he did not give up. he campaigned again, but this time he won. This trait earned him the respect of others because it is not common for political candidates to run again after they lose.

Shared Traits

Bill Clinton and I share the trait of Responsibility. This trait is very important in the leader role. If you are not responsible, than people can't trust you with certain things, making them lose confidence in you.

Most Important and Motivation

I think the most important trait to Clinton is responsibility. If you do not have it as a leader, you can't be trusted with some important things, which will hurt you greatly. What motivates me to follow him is his will to correct mistakes and help out others. I think this is a very important thing to do during today's society.

Leadership Qualities

You do not have to demonstrate all qualities to be effective as a leader. If you are good with words and can keep your promises, only some of the qualities are needed to be a good leader. Some qualities are: Perseverance, responsibility, honesty, courage, optimism, loyalty, etc.