By: Kayur Patel

History Of Twitter

Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, and Biz Stone started Twitter. They created it in New York in 2006, and later on moved to San Francisco. The reason they created it was to give people a chance to communicate with each other and give out important news. The company later on sold promotions which got them popular to other companies. They started it by getting a group of people that were educated in blogging. Then, they started thinking of ideas what their new site should be and what it will be about. They thought of making a blogging site but were wondering what to name it until Jack Dorsey brought of the thought of naming it Twittr. He later changed the name to Twitter.

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The company wasn’t popular when it first came out in 2006. Most people thought Twitter was just another dumb blogging site. Twitter had a competition because sites like Facebook and MySpace were way more popular than Twitter. So the company started making some changes. First, they changed there name to Twitter when it used to be Twittr. They also changed the logo to a blue bird instead of just the name on it. They also made the site easier for people by putting the search bar on the top and your account right by it. Then on one day a person tweeted about a airplane crashing into a river. So many people were tweeting about it and the company was growing rapidly. People realized Twitter was helpful for communicating and for big events. The company couldn't handle so many people so the site would crash and certain times. Twitter edited those errors so there could be more people on Twitter at the same time. After the fixes, Twitter was going rapidly. On big events, Twitter would get a lot of tweets per minute. Over 1,000! Twitter today is still pretty popular. Twitter is worth about 36.85 billion dollars.

How it Makes Money

The best seller at Twitter is promotions, but they also sell firehose. Firehose is where companies can sell their products to other companies and consumers. Twitter also makes money by promoted tweets. That's when a tweet from a company shows up in a user's timeline. Promoted tweets show up in a certain person's timeline. Like if the company sells sports products, the tweet will show up in a person who likes sports account. Even if the user doesn't follow the company's account, the tweet still shows up. Another way Twitter gets the cash is by Promoted accounts. That's when a account that's promoted by Twitter shows up in the ¨Who to follow¨ section in an user's account. Promoted Trends is also another way. With Promoted Trends, your company will show up in the trending topics section on Twitter. When you click on it, it will show the company's tweets and what is doing on Twitter lately. You can tweet about Promoted Trends by using the # button. Promoted Trends occasionally show up in user's timelines.Twitter gets companies to buy promotions and firehose by persuading them they get famous and make a lot of money of of it. Companies dig into it and try it out.
Twitter, faster than earthquakes

Interesting Facts

  • The average user has tweeted 307 times
  • 32% of all users on the internet use Twitter
  • The average Twitter user has 126 followers
  • 60% of Twitter users are females
  • Twitter is available in more than 25 languages
  • 340 million tweets are sent each day
  • 16% of the internet users are on Twitter
  • 50% of twitter users have it on the phone.
  • 10 tweets per second include something about Starbucks