Technology Integration

Using the 4C's and SAMR for Integration

Lisa Lund, Director of Technology Basehor-Linwood School District

I am passionate about technology integration and here are links to my resources to help you integrate technology in the classroom.

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SAMR Model

Quick 120 Second Video about What is SAMR.

The second video was created by students to explain the SAMR Model.

SAMR in 120 Seconds
The SAMR Model Explained By Students

4C's - Communication - Collaboration - Creativity - Critical Thinking

The 4 C's work hand-in-hand with the SAMR model and help to increase technology integration in the classroom.

SAMR/4C's Padwheel Poster

Here is a link to explain SAMR and the 4C's with ideas about technology integration.


Web Tools that are at the lowest level of SAMR, but the first step in technology integration in the classroom.


Technology is used as a direct tool for functional improvement in the task.


Technology allows for a significant modification of the task.


Technology allows for creation of new projects that could not be achieved without technology.