4X400 Realy Race

Andrea Castillo

What is the 4X400 Relay Race?

The 4X400 meter relay race or long relay is an athletics track in which teams consist of four runners who each complete 400 metres or one lap. It is traditionally the final event of a track meet. Relay race runners would hold a baton which they must transfer between teammates. Often a really team is about to 4 sprinters. The each team member is spread out around the track. The first runner will make their way to the next runner at one point of the track and the sequence goes on until the last runner completes the lap. After the race each team is told thier time in total after completing one lap together. The team with shortest time wins. It's a game of teamwork, stamina, and support.


The 4X400 relay race has been part of the Olympics since 1908 and women were allowed to compete until 1972. Ever since both men and women have competing every 4 year in the Olympics. Looking at the statistics, men have been doing better than women in terms of time. The goal of this study is use the statistics to predict what year men and women would be about even in time (seconds).


Scatter Plots

The squares outlined in blue represent men gold medalist and the colored in red square represent women gold medalist. As you can see they are really far apart and shows men are doing better than women since they are lower which shows that their time is shorter.

Line of Best Fit

The picture on the left shows the trend for both men and women Olympic gold medalist. The blue line represents the trend line for men and the red represents the trend line for women.

At a Crossroads

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As you can see from that intercept it shows that it's possible that of the Olympics existed in 1729 and men and women were allowed to compete; they would be even with the time of 201.6 seconds. So what does that mean for the future? Is it possible for them to intercept again? According to the information we have right now it doesn't look possible since the men are doing a whole lot better than women as they are getting faster and women are getting slower. The 2 trend lines are spreading out more and more as the years go on so it is most impossible for men and women to get even. Like I said before, men have been going a whole lot faster than women since the beginning.
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X Intercept

The X intercept is showing that the only way for men and women to be even in terms of time is if the Olympics would exist in the 1720's, and both men and women were allowed to compete together, they would be even with time. Looking at the trend lines from the time the event existed , the lines get further apart from each other as year go by so it seems about impossible for them to be even again.

Y Intercept

According to the X intercept, there is possibly no way that men and women gold medalist can match up to each other since men have been getting a whole lot faster than women have. If you look at the X intercept, the only year that they could match up,is 1729 which of course the event or Olympics don't exist but if they did and men and women were allowed to compete, the time would be 201.6 seconds when they meet with each other according to the Y intercept. The Y intercep shows what the time would be if men and women were able to have the same time.