RX-78-02 Mobile Defense Platform

Codenamed "Gundam"


The RX-78-2 has many applications in society. It can fight enemy units both planet-side, and the vacuum of space. It can also be deployed in cleanup situations after a natural disaster or some other catastrophic event.
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Each mobile defense platform is approximately 18 meters tall, and they are piloted by a single pilot, who is located in the chest cockpit. It comes standard with an industrial grade riot shield made from gundanium. It also comes with two focused energy blades, or beam sabers, and it comes with a high power focused energy rifle, capable of punching through the thickest of enemy armor plating. To the right is a mock up of what the basic loadout would be, with the shield attached to the arm, beam sabers stored in the back, and the rifle in hand. Due to the arduous process involved in mining the gundanium and assembling the Gundam, each purchasing country may only buy 2 per year. They will be priced at $5.6 billion usd. Additional add on kits for specialized operations can be purchased and will be installed as needed on pending orders or can be added on to existing Gundams a country might own.


In order to purchase your Mobile Defense Platform, you must agree to a strict review process by the UN. Any nation or entity found to be in violation of the UN's guidelines will have their order revoked and their country blacklisted until the UN deems otherwise. While in essence a "war machine," any country that uses their Mobile Defense Platform to instigate any conflict will, upon being detained, have their platform dismantled and the delinquent nation or entity placed on the blacklist permanently. However, in the event that two nations end up in some armed conflict, each nation's platform will only be able to deal with threats present within that nation's borders. In order for their platforms to operate outside of its borders, the inquiring nation would need to submit a request to the UN for final decision.