Come explore Africa

Consider coming to Tsavo

  • In the year 1899, Britain was building a bridge right through the Tsavo river. Colonel John Henry Patterson was overseeing the progress, which was brought to a halt by two man-eating lions. This was the first time in Tsavo that there were two lions working together. They feared nothing; most people say that for dramatic effect but these two lions literally feared nothing. Not even gunshots or fire could keep them away. They killed over 120 men. Eventually the hunters became the hunted and the lions were killed. So come enjoy the history and culture of Tsavo (now man-eater free).

Consider South Africa

South Africa has recovered from the Apartheid, in which racial disrimination reached its peak. Come see the awesome landscape and awesome animals. See the home of Donald Woods, the writer who published the book that led to the end of the Apartheid. South Africa has many great historic landmarks. Come see South Africa.

Consider going to Kenya

Go on a safari in Kenya, see the lion prides, zebras, and many other amazing creatures. You can also see the many native tribes that live there. Kenya is home to the Holy Ghost Roman Cathedral, and you can see the tea farms there. Kenya also is the home of the East African Community, a group of eastern African countries. Come see Kenya.
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