All About the Taiga Biome

By Jacqueline Hodges

Basic information

The taiga biome is the largest biome in the world. It it found in the northern hemisphere stretching over Asia, Europe, and North america. This biome has extremely cold, snowy winters that last for six months, and warm, rainy summers.


The taiga biome has two different average temperatures due to its drastic season change. For the wintery half of the year, the average temperature is below freezing. The low is -65 degrees fahrenheit and the high is 30 degrees fahrenheit. For the summer the low is 30 degrees fahrenheit and the high is 70 degrees fahrenheit. The average rainfall, falling mostly in the summer months, is 12 to 33 inches.

Interesting facts

  • Because winters are so cold, decomposition is slow, causing dead vegetation to pile up leaving a sponge-like covering over the forest floor
  • The taiga biome has less animal and plant species then most other biomes
  • Some of the world's oldest trees can be found in this biome