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Koalas are native Australian marsupial mammals

The scientific name for a koala is Phascolarcotos Cinereus. Koalas live in Eastern Australia and they don’t live in nests or tree hollows, they live on branches.

A male koala weighs 12 kilograms and the female weighs 8.5 kilograms. It is an ash coloured bear with thick fur which keeps them warm. They have sharp claws to help them climb up trees.

Koala’s main food is gum leaves. They need eucalypt forests otherwise they have nowhere to live.

The joey is born 35 days after its parents mate. The joey climbs into its mothers pouch. The joey attaches to its mother's nipple. The joey stays on the nipple for 13 weeks. The joey stays on the mothers back until it is about 2 kilograms.

Dangers threatening koalas include traffic, cutting down trees which are there homes, feral dogs and cats and a disease called chlamydia.

If these threats can be eliminated more koalas will survive.

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