Catawba River Basin

By: Abby Ellington and Jarrett Hodges

Where is the River Basin located?

The Catawba river Basin's headwaters is located in the Blue Ridge mountains and flows into another lake called Lake Wateree. This River Basin extends 320 making it home to over 2,000,000 people.

Facts about the River Basin

  1. Originally home of the Catawba Indian Tribe

    2. 11 Major lakes fill the basin

    3. 14 dams are inside the basin

    4. River Basin is used for power production, industry, agriculture, drinking water, and recreation

    5. The Congaree National Park can be found in this river basin

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Non-Source pollutants

1. Sedimentation- coming from run off from construction

2. storm water not getting water quality to certified requirements to drink

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Source Pollutants

  1. Too little dissolved oxygen
  2. Too acidic
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Don't have as much construction near the lake/river so therefore there wouldn't be as much sedimentation in the river.

As the water is being extracted from the lake/river they could add some oxygen to the water.

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This bird (above) can be found in the Catawba River basin and the bison (below) can also be found in the Catawba river basin.
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This transplantable rose can be found near the Catawba river basin, and this Catawba Wildflower Glen can also be found near the river basin
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