Ms. Norman's 5th Grade Class

Technology in Our Classroom

Class Dojo

An app that will be used often in our class is ClassDojo. ClassDojo helps us keep track of everything going on in our classroom. If parents download the app as well, you can receive notifications whenever your student is given a point or when one is taken away. Students will have a personalized profile and will have the opportunity to work toward goals and rewards. It is a fun way to keep track of classroom behavior, motivate the students to be the best they can be, while keeping you informed!


Kahoot is a fun way for us to review what we are learning in class. Each student, or group of students, will use a device to join the class' review game. Questions will be shown on the board, and students will have the ability to choose the correct answer on their device. The game also tracks the scores for some friendly competition!


Storybird is a fun, interactive way for students to tell stories in a visual way. They can use different illustrations that fit the words they have written to for a visual storybook. Student love seeing their stories come to life when using Storybird!