The African Giraffe

The African Giraffe is endangerd!

The Basic Facts

1.Habitat: Savannas in Africa

2.How long they live: About 25 years if healthy

3.Female Hiegh:16-18 ft

4.Hunted down for: Coats,Meat,and Tails

5.How much it eats a day: They eat over 45kg of leaves

6.How Males Fight: With the knobs on there heads

7.What can a Giraffe's tail be used for: Good luck charm

8.Male Hiegh: 19ft

9.How many days a Giraffe can go without water: Several Days

10.What we think Giraffes are crossed between: a Camel and a Lepord

Giraffe Poem

I am a Giraffe
Brown as a the bark on trees
I eat leaves
I can stand tall and proud
I can fight with my horns
I can go a couple days without water
I am a Giraffe

The African Giraffe is Endangerd!

But what can we do to save it?

By stop killing them for meat,tails,and coats.

Then have a search team go around Africa and search for the last Giraffes on earth. Then we can go put them in a safe enviorment and then get all the food, water, and oxigan they need.Next try to protect the area that the African Giraffe is put in from other people and animals.

The Giraffes Habitat

The African Giraffe lives in the Savannas of Africa.The African Giraffe must have leaves, water,grass, and oxigan in order to survive.

Female GIraffe