Stop in the day after Christmas!

Come to Genie's Essential Holiday Open House Sat., Dec. 26

Join family and friends at Genie's house for Essential Cheer!

Stop in for a few minutes or hang out for a while while sampling a Holiday assortment of goodies made with high-end essential oils. Experience real frankincense and myrrh... as well as Holiday Joy aroma diffused into the air. Enjoy homemade Bailey's Irish Cream... enhanced with a variety of essential oils such as cinnamon and spearmint. Spontaneous music is likely. Bring a friend... it's an open house!

Genie's Essential Holiday Open House

Saturday, Dec. 26th, 3-9pm

1602 Rydalmount Road

Cleveland Heights, OH

Okay to park on the lawn, in the driveway, or on the street.

For more information contact