Unit 1 Assessment

How The First Unit Was For Me:)

Hello, I Am Cheyenne Symons Also Known As Fang Symons.

Personally I Am From Around Here, But Lets Just Say I'm Not ALWAYS Here. Giving That I Have My Own Little World Inside My Head Running Around, They Should Probably Put Me In The Insane Asylum. I've Got A Dark Tint To Me, But If You Were Going To Call Me Something Else Than Fang, It Would Probably Smiley. Okay Yes, You're Probably Already Thinking "Where's Her Straight Jacket" But Lets Not Get Over Zealous Here, I Mean I Can't Be THAT Psychotic......Well Maybe I Can...


My Likes:
  • Creepypasta
  • Alice In WonderLand
  • Masky
  • Hoodie
  • Ticci Toby
  • Clothing
  • Hairstyles
  • Bands
  • Tattoo's
  • Piercings
  • Children
My Dislikes:
  • Most People
  • Bullies
  • Not Being Able To Do Something
  • Sports
  • Girly Girls
  • Jocks
  • Romantic (ANYTHING)

My Self Esteem

Oh Hey! You're Down Here Now? Oh Great To See You Buddy, Okay Listen I've Got These Mood Swings So Ill Say My Self Esteem Is Half And Half. :) Ill Be Angry Then Cheery Cherry In 2.0 Seconds, Or Ill Go From Squealing Cuddling Fun To Want To Stab You. But Having A Good Personality Is Great Man, It Gets You Through Life Like A Bullet Through A Person (Okay Maybe Not So Gory but You Get The Point) It Can Help You Through The Day And Not Mind Much. So Having A Good Attitude And Personality Will Help You, And The People Around You.

My 4 Persons Match:D

  1. Senior Escrow Officer
  2. Managing Director, Preforming Arts
  3. Retail Store Manager, Non Profit
  4. Costumer Service Representative, PRIMEDIA
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About Me :)

Okay so I like, enjoy the indoors, preferring not to talk to the human world, but at the same time I want to grow up and be a rockstar. It's a long life dream. I'm the emo girl rocker. But I don't care really.