Changing Energy

from one form to another

Energy transfer

When you push something you are passing energy so it can move.When you kick a ball kinetic energy goes to the ball.

energy changes form

A skateboard has potential energy.When she is at the bottom of the she moves fast.All her energy is kinetic.
Extreme Downhill Skateboard

The flow of energy

In a ecosystem energy passes from the sun to living things.When a flash light turns on, chemical energy changes to electricity.

electricty and circuits

Electricity can change into other forms of electricity. It also has a deice like a light bulb that when it does something when electricity goes through it.

Vocabulary Words

  1. Energy transfer , In an energy transfer, energy passes from one thing to another.
  2. A Circuit , A circuit is a path that electricity can flow through.
  3. A Series , In a Series circuit, electricity has one path to follow.
  4. A parallel circuit , In a parallel circuit , electricity has more than one path to follow.

Review Questions

  1. A scientist is trying to find a way to use sunlight to power a computer. What kind of energy change does the scientist want to happen ?
  1. A cow eats some grass. What kind of energy does transfer to the cow ?
  2. Which picture shows a complete parallel circuit ?
  3. A radio plays some music. Which energy transfer is most likely talking place ?

Answers for the Questions

  1. chemical to electricity.
  2. kinetic energy
  3. B
  4. electricity to sound energy.