Rediscover Jamberry in May

Rejoin Jamberry at a Discount!

Eligible former Consultants can rejoin Jamberry at 35% off the registration and Starter Kit fee of $99!

We all joined Jamberry for different reasons, and I understand that many have left Jamberry for different reasons as well! Whether it was the busyness of life, the birth of a new baby, a move, or job change - only you know the reason you deactivated or ended your business with Jamberry, and that is just fine!

BUT, I have exciting news! Only during the month of May, you can re-join Jamberry for only $65 plus tax and shipping!

Why Rediscover?

- Exciting Collaborations (did you hear Jamberry is now collaborating with DISNEY to bring the Disney Collection by Jamberry INCLUDING junior designs!?)

- Amazing New Products (TruShine Gel System, Wrap Remover, Deluxe Tool Kit, Glass files, New Jamberry Mini Heater - the list goes on!)

- Global Expansion Opportunities (Jamberry has launched in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and will be launching in a Latin America country this fall!)

- Get access to Fast Start and Rank Advancement Bonuses again!

PLUS - the Consultant starter kit is BRAND NEW as of just a month ago! Now including mega sheets of many finishes of designs, cuticle oil pen, and much more!

You choose "Why" to Rediscover

Maybe NOW is the right time for you when before just didn't work, or the idea of amazing collaborations with Disney, Marvel, NBA, NHL and even NFL catches your attention, or maybe all of the new products and wrap finishes sound amazing! Whatever the reason you'd like to Rediscover Jamberry, please know that YOU choose Why. You will never receive any pressure from me and can do as little or as much as you'd like with the business. I would love to help you customize the business to fit your needs! Please also know you can choose whatever sponsor you like! You are not committed to me, but I am contacting you because at one point you were on my team. :-) If you would like to re-join my team, feel free to choose me as your sponsor when you join!

To Rediscover Jamberry, please use the coupon code and instructions that was sent via email from Home Office. If you did not receive an email, you can call support at (855) 416-0221 and they will give you a code! If you have any questions at all, please contact me at the info below.

If you are not interested in Re-joining Jamberry, but still love the products and don't currently have a consultant, why not consider joining my VIP group, Wrappin' with Rachel to stay up to date on all the latest news, specials, and exclusives! Click "Facebook" below to join the group! :-)

I look forward to hearing from you soon!