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Tuesday, Feb. 2nd, 8:30am

STE(A)M Dojo

Just follow the learning paths at : Coding Starts Here!
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The STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) are an identified high priority of the Australian Government as it seeks to drive productivity and economic growth in Australia.

  • Science is about understanding how things work.
  • Engineering is about making things that work.
  • Technology is a lever to improve efficiency or effectiveness. Technology is about making things work better, or making them in an even better way.
  • Maths is about estimating, calculating, modelling, predicting and correcting

What, Where, How and ....Why?

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Here are some initial steps we can take to meaningfully advocate for getting girls into the zone.

The Specific Barriers to Overcome

We are going to STEAM up the curriculum ie put the 'A' in STEM.

Why engineering in particular?

Make a SPLASH in your classroom.

We must not forget our Early Years.

'it is useful to remember that learning is largely experience dependent. Thus, an important question to bring to this discussion is what experiences are most likely to foster the disposition to go on learning?'

Watch this space as we use Google Cardboard and Google Goggles with Vrideo to stream our immersive videos to virtual reality headsets in order to introduce ourselves to our global STEAM partners.

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Our 2016 Projects

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Hilda Junior CoderDojo is a Dojo??

Dojo literally means "place of the way" - our path will be trained in all things computing.

We have now registered and are part of Zen, the CoderDojo community platform!

Here are some background things you could check out:

Our Dojo will be run in the computer lab / STEAM DOJO by the Coder Dojo Committee of year 6 students and interested staff.

Please see Robin to register your interest.

CoderDojo Guide to Getting Girls Coding

Web based coding starts here!!!

Coding Our Curriculum: The Junior School Continuum

Our first step: Yr 3-6 Computational Thinking with the The Bebras Challenge

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Our Partnerships and Action Research Projects

We are forming a partnership with The Global STEM Education Center, Inc 501(c) (3) - a non-profit corporation that brings together K-12 and institutions of higher education, as well as business and industry partners to contribute to developing the 21st century global workforce. Their programs enable the next generation workforce to be effective in and with other countries/cultures in solving the problems urgently confronting the world’s populations and working successfully across global cultural differences.

The Lego WeDo Research Project

Mindstorms EV3 Research Project

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Citizen Science

Previously existing E-Scape citizen science activities will be remapped into the STEAM focus.

Citizen Sort: will be added and if/where it matches with your science curriculum will enable us to collaborate with biologists and naturalists. Students will help classify plants, animals, and insects, and produce valuable scientific data to aid scientists in their work.
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We will become Sleek Geeks

This is exciting!!!!!

We will be trying hard to 'be the best that we can be' for this activity. Our Science Curriculum links will positively blend with this activity. Missions created in Power My Learning ( below) will give us the background knowledge to then become creative.

The University of Sydney Sleek Geeks Science Eureka School Prizes are part of the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes, Australia's most comprehensive science awards.

The idea is to communicate a scientific concept(s) in a way that is accessible and entertaining while painlessly increasing the public's science knowledge or, as the Sleek Geeks like to say: "Learn something without even noticing".

Cry Stoppers 2015 Primary Winners

Power My Learning: will blend our learning!!

Please send me some topics early so that I can Create Missions.

If you are after missions in any learning areas - just send me a wish list.

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Pixar in a Box

Khan Academy meets animation and computational thinking.
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The Literature STEM ulous is located in the Junior School library.

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Location Based Learning

We will be 'playing' with the Taleblazer platform and making location-based mobile AR games. TaleBlazer players download a mobile app to their device (Android or iOS) to play games geolocated in real-world locations. As players move around the physical space, their devices sense their current location (typically using GPS) allowing players to interact with virtual characters and artifacts within the context of real landscapes. These hybrid experiences in TaleBlazer create new opportunities for dynamic storytelling, informal learning experiences, and community engagement. The web-based editor uses a visual, blocks-based programming environment that allows both novices and experts to create their own location-based AR games.

Send me ideas of how we can use this to augment your curriculum.

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Get the Math is about algebra in the real world. See how professionals use math in music, fashion, videogames, restaurants, basketball, and special effects. Then take on interactive challenges related to those careers. Watch the intro video before trying one of the challenges.
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Coding the Curriculum: apps, web, plugged, unplugged.
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If you let them build it, they will learn.

Here are some Cross Curricular Maker Ideas for YOU to ponder.

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STE(A)M 15

Asian countries top OECD's PISA survey of global education
Establishing Real-World Connections in Projects (Keys to PBL Series Part 1)
STEM Integration in K-12 Education
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The Power of Teamwork - Funny Animation.
City X Project Toolkit
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