Yung Captains Health

By: Yung Captain

What do you hope to accomplish during high school?

I don't want to focus on my studies completely, I would like to find myself as a person and develop a character. I rather not be judged academically because I excel in my own way, basically I want to become my own person not what Im being told to become.

What do you see yourself doing after highschool?

I see my self not going to college immediately, I was just in high school where I had to raise my hand to leave a classroom. I shouldn't have to choose what im going to do the rest of my life right after, I want to travel and find a passion I can commit to the rest of my life.

What do you hope your life will be like in your 20's?

I have no expectations, my life will be what I hope is peaceful and very compatible to me as a person. I don't want a boring life where i'm struggling in college with tons of bills for a education in a major I might not even be happy with.

3 things you could do to improve your health.

I am planning on exercising more, eating healthier and becoming more active and social.

At home I like to..

I like to search the internet for new music and look at government issues that are ignored on a daily basis due to lack of knowledge from our youth.

At school I like to..

Ignore almost everyone because they do not relate to me as a person and I would not like to waste my time on them and listen to music to drown out nonsense.

I am good at..

I am good at writing in a personal opinion, I also like to make music beats. I don't really do much of anything but complain.

People I like to hang out with..

I like to hang out with skater people who do drugs and have no future but know what problems we're having as a nation and please them selves and live to no expectations.

A quality I like about myself & that id like to change.

I like my personality because im very open minded, a quality I would like to change is my appearance because I am very insecure about my body.

Something new I'd like to try..

I'd like to try skydiving because I am a very adventurous person and it seems quite exciting.

Positives & negatives about my health..

I am not very social and I suppose that effects me mentally but i'm happy with who I am. I don't get outside much which is a negative sort of.