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Gegraphical Features(population,biome,contienent,coordinates,area of land)

This is the geographical section where you will learn where Japans geographical features.The ladditude and longitude is rounded to 36° 00' N and 138° 00' E.The area of land is 145,925 mi² (377,944 km².The continet of course most people know is Asia.The population is 127,368,088(2012)est.The biome is mountain and hills.

Little known fact/or facts that nobody know

This is a fact about Japan.Japan suffers 1,500 earthquakes everyone every year.

Typical Wildlife

There native primate is the Japanese Maaque.There sometimes called snow monkeys because of where they live in areas where snow covers the ground.


The goverment type is constitutional monarchy with parliment goverment.


The money is japanesse yen

Capital and tourist destination

THe capital is Tokoyo.The tourist destination id the Tokoyo Tower

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