By: Sam Jorgensen, Sean Schuyler, and Preston Thompson

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Are Canada's schools better than the U.S. Schools?

Have you ever wondered if Canada had better schools than that of the boring schools in the U.S.? Well, have we got a story for you! This paper will be about the academics of Canada and the United States and which country has a better educational system. okay so mabye not everyone thinks that Canada's as awesome as the U.S.. But when you compare the U.S. And Canadian schools canada come out the winner with out even breaking a sweat.

Are Canadian schools and U.S. Schools publicly funded or privetly funded?

canadin schools are mostly funded publicly, funded and overseen by federal, provincial, and local governments. United State schools offered to all children without charge, funded in whole or in part by taxation.

U.S. and Canadian Grading Scale

Canadas grading scale is; A+ 95, A 90, A- 85, B+ 80, B- 75, C+ 70, C 65, C- 60, Everything past this point is a fail 55, 50, D+ 40, D 35, D- 30, E+ 25, E 20, E- 15,  F+ 10, F 5 , F- 0The U.S. Grading scale is A 92% - 100%, B 83% - 91%, C 74% - 82%, D 65% - 73%, F 64% and below.
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