The Justiss Newsletter

May 2022

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Principal's Corner

Parents and Justiss Friends,

We are at the end of the year but we have a lot of things left to fit into a small amount of time! I want to encourage you, along with all of us here, to please emphasize to your students at home the importance of finishing the year strong! We have the STAAR test… where their GRIT, PERSEVERANCE, AND HARD WORK will all pay off! We have final skills to sharpen, fine tune, and MASTER to be promoted to the next grade level! We have field trips, picnics, field day, talent show, and awards assemblies to attend! SO you see, we have a lot ahead of us and we, here at Justiss, need your help keeping our students “Fierce and Focused” until the end. Like we say at Justiss, teamwork makes the dreamwork! 21-22 has been an awesome year!

Your Principal,

Reneé Elmore

Dates to Remember:

May 6th: STAAR Pep Rally (3rd & 4th Grade)

May 6th: Talent Show Permissions Slips Due

May 10th: STAAR Math-3rd & 4th Grade

May 10th: 1st Grade Field Trip to Cinemark

May 10th: Kindergarten End of Year Picnic

May 11th: STAAR Reading-3rd & 4th Grade

May 11th: 1st Grade End of Year Picnic

May 12th: Choir & Jammers Performance
9 AM & 6PM
May 13th: Field Day ☀️

May 16th: 4th Grade Visit to Crockett

May 17th: Choir & Jammers to NRH20
May 17th: Kinder Moving Up Ceremony 9AM

May 18th: 1st Grade End of Year Awards

  • 8:15 Ibarra, Kelley, & Macchia
  • 9:30 Jones & Ingram
  • 1:30 Carter & Claibourn

May 19th: 2nd Grade End of Year Awards

  • 8:15 Gunter & Prihoda
  • 9:30 Hooten, Risinger, & Turner
  • 1:30 Keeling & Robertson

May 20th: Justiss Talent Show 🎤🎵

May 23rd: 3rd Grade End of Year Awards

  • 8:15 Brandenburgh, Porcayo, & Fleming
  • 9:30 Peeples, Steed, & McNeal

May 24th: 4th Grade End of Year Awards

  • 8:15 Rodriguez, Yosten, & Hicks
  • 9:30 Mahon, Langston, & Draper

May 25th: Senior Walk
May 26th: Early Release/Last Day of School
May 27th: Paris High Graduation

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The Justiss students are loving the new swings! Thank you to everyone who supported our

Big Kahuna fundraiser!

Counselor's Connection

Happy May! We are on our last leg of the 2021-2022 school year, but we are NOT done yet! We still have to PERSEVERE to the finish line! Perseverance is our BIG IDEA for the month of May! It is the perfect time to talk to, and model the importance of PERSEVERANCE! Life isn’t just about winning…much of life is about losing, actually! It’s something we all do, over and and over again. That’s where PERSEVERANCE comes in! We fail and we fail, and we fail until, finally, we succeed! There are always going to be discouraging times when we want to walk away from a task. But PERSEVERANCE is that voice inside your head that says, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!” Listening to that voice is an important part of growing up! Often we think of famous sports figures or movie stars who have so much more talent, smarts, and even luck than we do…However, they would likely tell you, they had many false starts, humiliating rejections and lonely hours they suffered before finally succeeding. We are often reminded of Thomas Edison who invented the electric light bulb and many other modern day wonders. Many don’t realize that he failed over 1,000 times before making the light bulb work! Can you imagine what our lives would be like if he wouldn’t have PERSEVERED? Edison knew what most successful people know…Talent and skills and even luck can take you a long way, but PERSEVERANCE can take you even further! Those who learn to stick to their tasks usually end up doing very well in life!

Living well isn’t a destination, but a journey! It’s a journey of striving, seeking, and of learning from mistakes and failures, and trying to better ourselves from each one! I challenge each student to PERSEVERE to the very last day of this school year, do your very best on every task, activity, test, and don’t forget to PERSEVERE in your behavior and with keeping a great attitude! You have worked too hard…As Mrs. Elmore always says…”Don’t quit…get Grit”!

Your Counselors, Mrs. Irwin & Mrs. Little

Congratulations to our March GROWL Award Recipient ⭐Mrs. Sikes⭐

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Reminder: All visitors must check-in with a driver’s license in the front office.

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